Stock Video: “The future of the companies”

Michelle Rivera  -  2016-04-08
Stock Video: “The future of the companies”

We had previously talked about how to use stock footage in productions such as short films, documentaries or movies.

But currently, stock footage has positioned itself with great strength in the corporate market.

Companies throughout the world use stock footage in their video productions for in-house meetings, annual conventions, seminars and other events.

It has become popular to film interviews of CEO's and other VIP's using a green screen background.

When the green is keyed out during post-production, stock footage or stock shots are inserted, to impart a particular message.

On the other hand, different kind of companies search for Visual Effects Artists to create small loopable clips or animations that are constantly repeated on a TV or displayed in various screens for shows, expos, presentations or simply for their customers to watch at their reception office while they wait.

But most of the time, creating these miniclips is not entirely accessible to companies, since this kind of productions can be slow and expensive.

So if you're looking to save time and money on your production, using stock footage is a tool you might want to add to your toolbox.

At by Iokanan VFX we have a stunning collection of futuristic miniclips that include amazing animations of human body, anatomy, science, technology, abstract designs and video walls or backgrounds, as well as stock footage of holidays and different events for special occasions, cybernetic landscapes and so much more that you can download to generate a higher value to your company.

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