MOTION GRAPHICS: Creating powerful connections with customers

Michelle Rivera  -  2014-08-18

Today there are many types of videos a company can choose from. However, there is one that is fast growing due to its efficiency: the Motion Graphics video.

For some time both film and television, as well as advertising used this resource. Today it is increasingly common use, which begs the question: What are Motion Graphics and what are they?

Motion Graphics literally means: graphics in motion. It is a digital multimedia animation with graphs showing images, animations and audio usually combine to create the illusion of movement.

The Motion Graphics can be used in interactive presentations, audiovisual post production, events, project presentations, advertising, corporate and institutional videos, DVD authoring, and more.

This resource allows the image of your company alive, is positioned in digital media, optimize communication and remain in the minds of your customers.

Here we give you 10 reasons why Motion Graphics are the best choice for presenting or advertising your product or service:

1. Allows us to explain a concept in 30 seconds.

2. Can convey a powerful message through a video or animation instead of using words.

3. Are excellent resources when it comes to playing scenarios or challenging situations.

4. Are very useful for developing effective commercials, corporate videos or projects Branding (brand positioning).

5. Are a direct way of giving the audience your site, service or product.

6. Provide both auditory and visual stimuli, which captures the attention of people who assimilate visual and auditory information.

7. It is a clear and simple way to encourage public interaction with content through a stimulating environment.

8. A Motion Graphics video can be much more emotional than a common corporate video.

9. With a piece like this is much easier to differentiate from the competition. It's an original idea why not many companies are betting.

10. A video of Motion Graphics can be done entirely in a studio, without the need to rent footage and scrolling. Therefore, it is more economical than other media.

We know how important it is for you to create an instant connection with your customers, is why in Iokanan Pro Studios, we give life to each of your words for you acknowledge creatively and your product or service stand out from other brands.

If you are interested in learning more about our Motion Graphics productions, we invite you to visit our section devoted specifically to this new creative way to make videos:

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