"IOKANAN AND HOLLYWOOD: No point of comparison"

Michelle Rivera  -  2014-08-08

Cinema history began on December 28, 1895, when the Lumière brothers shared with the world one of the most extraordinary inventions in the history of humanity. They created the magic to transport us anywhere and anytime.

And from that moment, the whole universe knew he was evolving into a new era. Thousands of films were made ​​and at the same time film genres began to emerge.

But there is one ... that totally revolutionized the way of making films.


Created by George Méliès, the father of special effects, which took thousands of stories to new dimensions. He described the cinema as a "Dream Factory." And his film “Le Voyage dans la Lune”  (Journey to the Moon) swept the entire planet, inspiring millions of filmmakers who decided to create unusual experiences and take the viewer to new worlds.

This genre, like film, has also undergone major changes, and today is not only the genre with greater impact on the audience, but also has two resources that are responsible for "The Magic of Cinema ": the green screen and visual effects. Two tools that make the film, biggest hobby of millions of people around the world.

However, not only large companies or big movie studios are the ones who have been able to create realistic scenarios that make us feel like we were there. Iokanan has become a respected, admired and even imitated leader, but that has never been equaled in the way of creating visual experiences.

Iokanan’s deep passion to create any environment and transport to anyone outside of this universe, it has to live up to the biggest film industry: Hollywood.

A comparison can not be explained ... is observed. Feels. It is recorded in the mind.

The film will always be a fundamental aspect for Iokanan’s inspiration, but will also be the main motivation to continue to innovate in the way of creating visual effects. A camera, green screen and a huge love of art, are the ingredients needed to create fantastic atmospheres that make us the best competition from Hollywood.