MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB CASE: "From product to experience"

Michelle Rivera  -  2014-08-04

Marriott Vacation Club is the primary timeshare brand of Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation. The brand has more than 50 Marriott Vacation Club properties around the world, and has more than 400 thousand owners.

Fever timeshare was born in the 60s in Europe and expanded to the different countries on the planet. Instead of buying a property, timeshare property can enjoy one week a year.

The timeshare industry has been criticized and often related to the tourism fraud. Unlike traditional holiday where the user decides each year on the basis of quality and price of accommodations, timeshare requires a large initial payment is made.

Another aspect of disagreement has to do with excessive annual maintenance fees. Some reviews talk about quotas that make owners can not afford to keep their timeshare rights due to financial pressure.

It was here that Iokanan VFX decided to take action.

We face two challenges:

1. Marriott Vacation Club sells the best product in the hospitality industry.

At first, the concept of timeshare was not a good reputation. There was a time when nobody was buying timeshare. For the sales staff was very difficult to get an appointment. The business began to deteriorate.

2. Creating and innovating with new ways to impact the customer, forgetting conventional dating home, sales rooms and breakfast.

In an interview with Marriott, we understood the needs of today's customers and the benefits of the product offered. After we decided to create Moongé: a new format of sales through emotional, experimental and experiential events.

Our goal was clear. Create a place that could relate to your customers with the emotional part of the product, so naturally, it was not necessary to try to sell, but customers asked to buy the product.

They had to buy because of their experience at the event and so intentionally cause emotional and inspiring moment. Would it be possible to achieve such magic to turn their needs into desires?

The response was how we could achieve. During 2013, a new training strategy was implemented, which was to achieve a greater number of sales in 2014.

We are currently in the ecstasy of our Marriott customer, starting an exciting transformation, ranging from product to experience. Today, over 18 countries carry out this sales strategy, which makes them unique and innovative in the way your customers share with exciting travel experiences.